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11 Jan 2017

3 Great Reasons You Should Start Boxing Right Now!

In keeping with our theme of fresh exercising ideas in the new year, let’s talk about boxing! Even though boxing has been around for hundreds of years, it has become more popular as of late, taking specialized exercise boutiques and gyms alike by storm!

Many of you have noticed the new renovations we are making downstairs to accommodate more space for activities! These just so happen to include boxing and a few other things you all will be sure to appreciate and enjoy!

Boxing is an excellent workout, and quickly gets you into shape with it’s high intensity, fat burning, cardiovascular moves. There are a multitude of reasons to make this a regular part of your exercise routine….here are 3 of my favorites…

    1. With boxing you will never get bored! Because boxing has so many different facets, the workout combinations that can be used are likely to be different every time you train. If you invest a bit of time in finding a seasoned and well informed trainer, you will be sure to get the best workout possible. This also means that your muscles will never become accustomed to the same routine, so you will continually be developing your body.

    2. Boxing is a great way to relieve stress! Whether you have been working long hours at the office, trying to accommodate your children’s sports schedules, or you just plain need to let off some steam, this is a great way to do it! Boxing releases adrenaline and endorphins. This combination causes a fabulous rush that helps release any built up tension, and will also help put a smile on your face! Who of us wouldn’t love to let go a bit by punching a heavy bag or going a few rounds with an eager opponent?

    3. Boxing builds poise and dexterity! Although having style and grace is likely something that most of us aren’t thinking about when we are at the gym, we probably should be. (Emphasis on the grace part!) Boxing contributes to your hand-eye, brain-body connection by helping you to perform better and promoting your body consciousness. This allows you to be more in tune with your body overall, physically and mentally. Hand-eye coordination is key in boxing. Much focus is required to punch a bag, throw your punches in the correct form, spar with a partner or just learning this sport in general.

Thank you for joining me today! I hope that you might be inspired to try any of the fresh ideas we have suggested for the new year! See you next time. Don’t forget to stay positive and LOVE YOUR LIFE!

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