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of Overland Park
29 Nov 2017

5 Apps To Help You Get Fit

Thanksgiving has passed and it is time to get back on track before the New Year! These five apps will help you get into shape and maintain a routine.

  1. Couch to 5k

Creates a nine-week plan for people who are trying to get back into shape and maybe do not have access to a gym membership. The plan includes three to four workouts a week that average about 30 minutes. The motivational tips will help you stay encouraged throughout the program.

  1. Fooducate

Every exercise routine needs to be accompanied with a healthy diet. Fooducate has nutritional information on many products found in your grocery store and will help you determine what or what not to by. All you have to do is scan the barcode and start shopping.

  1. Push Ups Pro

If you are looking for upper body strength or just want to challenge your body, push up pro allows you to tailor a plan to perfect your push ups in a six-level plan.  

  1. Workout Trainer

Comes with a variety of workouts in all different categories. The app features a virtual trainer and allows you to track your progress and communicate with others during their fitness journey!

  1. Map My Walk

Is a simple app that tracks your routes, distance, and calories burned throughout your walk. Walking is a great place to start if you are just starting to exercise. This app allows you to not only push yourself by how far you walk but allows you to see how long your route takes you.


All of these apps are free and can be found in the Apple Store for iOS devices.