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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
27 Oct 2017

5 Indoor Alternatives For Wintertime Workouts

With winter around the corner it is easy to push off exercising. Below are 5 alternatives that will keep you out of cold while getting an effective workout.

  1. Workout Videos
    Not having access to a gym or simply not wanting to leave your home should not stop you from getting a quality workout. Today there are many free workout videos available free online. is a website that is dedicated to providing free fitness videos, from cardio to strength training, that require little to no special equipment. They are perfect for a home environment.
  2. Yoga
    Yoga is a great stress reliever for the mind and body. It can be easily implemented into your daily routine. Yoga routines of all levels can be found on Youtube for free!
  3. Rock Climbing
    Rock Climbing is a fun way to switch up your workout and get your whole family involved! Many gyms are available around the Kansas City area that offer day passes at  affordable prices. So go escape the cold weather and challenge yourself to an intense upper body workout.
  4. Group Fitness Classes
    Working out with a group is a great way to be social while trying out a different type of workout. Here at the Athletic Club we offer classes from cycling to kickboxing that can add variety to your workout while pushing yourself in an energetic group setting.
  5. Swimming
    Swimming is not only for escaping the heat, but can also be an effective alternative to chilly weather. Low impact exercise allows you to have an effective cardio workout without aching joints! There are many indoor pools accessible throughout the area.

So next time you are tempted to cozy up on the couch think about these five alternatives and get moving!