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6 Dec 2017

8 Common Misconceptions about Exercise

So many questions have been asked  and half truths  have been told  about the science of exercise. There is not a magical method for getting in shape. For every two truths, there is a lie.

  1. Women shouldn’t lift weights because strength-building exercise will make them too bulky.

Women have high estrogen levels, so for women to build large muscles it would require lifting large amounts of weights to create bulk. Women have nothing to fear when lifting weights. Lifting weights decreases body fat and shapes us beautifully. Lifting weights also increases bone density.

  1. Heart rate monitors will let us know how hard we are working.

This misconception is a flawed science belief.  Its best to listen to your body’s signals and red flags. The talk test and perceived exertion are better indicators of effort during exercise.

  1. You can spot reduce for tight abs and toned arms.

You could do 1,000 crunches and bicep curls and still not see definition. It is the layer of fat that covers the muscle. Focus on your total body overall. The more lean muscle you can build burns calories which equals burning fat resulting in muscle definition.

  1. Yoga isn’t a real workout.

Yoga is more than a series of gentle stretches.  Yoga integrates body and mind. Vinyasa which is a series of yoga poses in a flowing sequence can leave you feeling exhausting. For those who have not taken a tough yoga class or ever done a Vinyasa, it can be an incredible experience for your mind and body.   

  1. Working out at the gym is better than working out at home.

The crucial point to remember is a that a workout is a workout no matter where you do it or how you do it.  Sticking to your goals matters.  You might not have all the heavy weights or machines, but a gym or a personal trainer may provide. DVD’s, online routines, or a virtual trainer can bring you a satisfied workout as well. What matters most is that you stay active.

  1. I don’t need to lose weight so I don’t need to exercise.

Strengthening the systems and muscles of the body are important for everyday peak performance.  It is like servicing your car. Physical activity helps control your weight, strengthen the bones of your body, improve mental health and mood.

  1. Exercise is difficult.

Making change is always difficult. The hardest part is choosing to make a change. Take it one day at time and consistency will ease the routine.  Healthy habits are developed by consistent good choices.

  1. Change takes forever.

Change your mindset. A healthy exercise regimen doesn’t mean spending hours at the gym or investing all your free time in working out. Balance is important!