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21 Dec 2017

4 Great Gifts For A Healthier Christmas Holiday

Healthy-inspired gift ideas for Christmas or ideas to keep in mind for a birthday or holiday!

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Load up the center infuser of the bottle with the fruit of choice such as lemons or cucumbers and enjoy fruit-rich water. Hydrate with full-flavored water all day and curb hunger! Purchase BPA-free water bottles and check for dishwasher safe options!

Fitness Tracker/Watch

The choices are nearly endless for wearable trackers from Fitbit to Garmin. Most fitness trackers syncs your basic metrics – steps walked, calories burned, distance traveled. Other high-end fitness watches can detect your sleep patterns, water-resistant, receive notifications from your smartphone, and connect to other synchronizable devices.

Sweatproof Headphones/Earbuds

For the runners, the bikers, the hard-core weight lifters. Nothing is worse than fumbling with wires during a run or stopping your count to readjust your headphones. Search for over-the-ear earbuds or wireless(!) headphones for your loved one. Even if they are sweatproof, you should always clean your equipment!

Brew-Your-Own Kombucha Kit

It’s all the rage! Kombucha is making it’s way in your local grocery store and health food restaurants. Try your hand in making homemade kombucha with kits purchased online! Most kits come with everything you need to brew your first glass! You can always add in your own flavors/fruit as you like!