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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
kansas city group fitness
7 Sep 2013

A Social Club Near Corporate Woods: Athletic Club of Overland Park is More Than Meets the Eye

The Athletic Club of Overland Park offers its members more than a gym, it provides them with a community. Although we promote fitness and healthy living a large portion of the staff’s time is devoted to making sure that the Athletic Club is a social club near Corporate Woods as much as a fitness center.

Members of the Athletic club are extremely proud of the social club that their strong friendships and overall sense of community have created. Many members love to spend time relaxing in our Courtside Bar and Grill. On any given day members can be found in the grill enjoying great food while reading, doing puzzles, playing cards, and (of course) socializing.

To perpetuate the social environment of the club, the Athletic Club also distributes a newsletter every month to all of its members. In this newsletter we provide new members with nutrition tips, information about new fitness classes, and much more. Another very important aspect of the newsletter is informing our members about upcoming social events!

The social club aspect of the Athletic Club is also emphasized in the various social events the Athletic Club organizes throughout the year. Our most recent event was the Key Lime Party. The pool-side Key Lime Party sent summer out it style with food, drinks, and great company. Members took advantage of being able to catch up with their friends at the club who they hadn’t seen in a while. The Athletic Club has numerous social events like the Key Lime Party that occur throughout the year. Each event is always certain to ensure good food, good drinks, and great friends.

Members also enjoy our social club through group activities, like group fitness classes and sports leagues. Joining a sports league is a great way that members of the club get involved and make friends (to learn more about sports leagues click here). Another fun way individuals get involved in the social scene at the Athletic Club is through taking advantage of our group fitness classes (to learn more click here).

From sports to socials the Athletic Club of Overland Park has created a social club near Corporate Woods that is so much more that a simple gym.