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20 Oct 2016

2016 Kansas City Table Tennis Fall Classic

Join us November 12th and 13th for the 2016 Kansas City Table Tennis Fall Classic! This 2-star USATT sanctioned tournament will take place at The Athletic Club of Overland Park. Date: November 12th & 13th Time: Play starts at 9:00 AM Saturday and Sunday Entry Deadline: Entries be received by October 29th Registration: Sign up online on the tournament website. Events include: Open, U2400, U2200, U2000, U1800, U1700, U1500, U1400, U120, Under, 18 Junior Singles, Under 16 Junior Singles, and Over 40 Singles. Players must have an active USATT membership to play in USATT sanctioned events. If you have questions, please contact tournament director Meng-Yu Wang at 217-377-9326.
11 Oct 2016

Diet and Lifestyle Trends – Plant Based Milks

Hello friends! Welcome to our fourth and final week of this series, where we have explored some very interesting, informative and valuable health trends. I don’t know about you all, but I have personally learned quite a bit. As someone who tries to eat healthy on a regular basis, I enjoy educating myself and sharing that information with others as much as I can. This week I have decided to focus on plant based milks, one of the most popular trends out there, in my opinion. In the last few years, I have made it a goal of mine to become not just more animal friendly, but more healthy inside and out. This includes doing my best to cut dairy...
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28 Sep 2016

Diet and Lifestyle Trends: Best (Laid) Diet Plans

Hello friends! Welcome to week 3 of our month long series where we explore current trends in the health industry. This week I decided to focus on some of the most popular diets for 2016. I chose the number one diets that I thought you all would be most interested in. According to, some of these plans are familiar favorites on their ‘Best diet rankings’ list, one specifically having been rated number one for the 6th year in a row! The MIND diet (and several others), is brand new to this list and has already nabbed a spot in the top three for ‘Best diets overall’! These diets get their rankings based on a few different requirements including sustainability,...
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20 Sep 2016

Diet and Lifestyle Trends: Functional Foods Part 2

Hello friends! Thank you for joining me for part two of this week’s discussion on ‘functional foods’! Let’s talk about Kombucha! So what exactly is this mysterious new (but also very old) drink, and how do you pronounce it?! Let’s find out together! Say it with me…[kawm-boo-chah] Koooommmbuuuchaaa. It’s actually really fun to say, and amazingly wonderful for you and your health! This fermented tea has actually been consumed for thousands of years, even though it has only recently been popularized by Millenials and health enthusiasts alike. Kombucha is abundant in probiotics, which are healthy bacterial micro-organisms that can be consumed for their beneficial and medicinal aspects. These probiotics grow during the fermentation cycle and can be helpful with digestion,...
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19 Sep 2016

Diet and Lifestyle Trends: Functional Foods Part 1

Hello friends! Welcome to week 2 of our month long series where we explore current trends in the health industry! My goal each week, is to enlighten you all about each topic that is discussed. I hope that you will find these ideas informative and thought provoking, inspiring you to share them with others! With so many new trends being discovered regularly, expanding our horizons and educating ourselves is the best way to keep our bodies healthy! This week we will be talking specifically about a few ‘functional foods’ and their remarkable benefits. Because there is so much information to be had on this topic, I will be splitting this week’s blog into two parts. Functional foods (or Nutraceuticals) is...
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15 Sep 2016

52nd Annual Heart of America Handball Tournament

Please join us September 30th – October 2nd for the 52nd Annual Heart of America Handball Tournament! Start times will be available online or by phone after 1 PM on Thursday, September 29th. For a list of divisions, complete pricing information, and online registration, visit the official handball tournament site here. Entry fees are $55 per player for the first event and $20 per player for the second event. For juniors, entry fees are $25 and $5 respectively. Cash prizes will be awarded for first and second places. Lunch and dinner will be served on Saturday to participants.  All players will also receive a free tournament shirt! The entry deadline is September 28th.  You can register online or by mail. Mailed...
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9 Sep 2016

Diet and Lifestyle Trends: Juicing

In this day and age, nutrition and physical fitness trends are booming! Having a healthy lifestyle is more important than ever before. There are so many choices available however, that it can be overwhelming and leave you feeling flustered and confused. Every health conscious celebrity, personal trainer and self proclaimed expert has their own brand of how you can achieve the ultimate in mind and body health. A lot of these regimens have us wondering, ‘Is this actually good for me?’. With options ranging from fresh meal deliveries and detoxes to probiotic diets and clean eating, how do you know which one to chose? Which one will be best for your body type, age and level of health? Everyone is different, and a plan that works for one person might...
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25 Aug 2016

New & Improved ACOP!

The Athletic Club has been undergoing several facility improvements! You may have noticed we have a brand new front desk, now located in our front lobby! We’ve also been replacing flooring throughout the facility. We recently gave our locker rooms a face lift with new floors, fresh paint, and new shower heads!   In addition, we purchased all new umbrellas for our patio to make our outdoor space more enjoyable! We plan to continue making improvements over the coming months. We love our members and hope these improvements are liked by all! We have appreciated your patience as we have been working!
22 Aug 2016

17th Annual Ghost of Georgetown Racquetball Tournament

The Athletic Club of Overland Park is pleased to host the 17th Annual Ghost of Georgetown KC IRT Racquetball Tournament. This year’s tournament will be September 8-11, 2016. The IRT Network will broadcast the racquetball tournament online. This is a Tier-1 tournament featuring the best players in the world. There will be FREE viewing of ALL matches! Be sure to get there early to get your spot! Lunch and dinner will be provided on Friday and Saturday for participants. The racquetball PROs will have a FREE Jr. Clinic on Saturday beginning at 10:30 AM.  A player appreciation party will be held in Courtside Fresh Grill and Bar/Poolside for free on Saturday evening. That night there will also be door prizes...
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