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22 Feb 2018

IAKC Table Tennis Tournament

Welcoming The India Association of Kansas City for a Table Tennis Tournament on March 10th! The Athletic Club of Overland Park will be hosting IAKC in the gymnasium for competitive table tennis matches. Entry fees are $10 for members; $12 for non-members. Please register on their website at All ages are welcome! Categories include kids, mens, womens, in singles and doubles. Matches will begin at 9am until 5pm. Spectators may enter for free, please check-in at Front Desk. Not quite ready for friendly competition? Come in during open table tennis times for some practice! All ages and all levels are welcome! Table Tennis Open Gym Times: Monday: 7 – 9pm (Half Court) Tuesday & Thursday: 6 – 9pm (Full...
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19 Feb 2018

Best Cardio Exercises to Cut Fat

Cardiovascular exercise helps you stay lean and show of the muscle gain you attained from hitting the weights. Endless crunches are not the secret to cutting fat because they strengthen the underlying fat tissue. Any activity is positive, moving at a high intensity is the key to burning more fat. Walking is the simplest and most convenient exercise! It’s great to burn calories and it is a low impact workout that anyone can do! Walking has many positive benefits to your health such as maintaining a healthy weight, improving your mood and strengthening your bones and muscles. Stair climbing can provide a sizable calorie burn. For example, a 150 pound person running stairs for an hour can burn up to...
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6 Feb 2018

Ways To Workout With Your Everyday Schedule

If it were a perfect world, we would be able to fit in a workout anytime we wanted. It’s easy to feel motivated with the idea of working out; we talk about running a marathon or doing a push up challenge but our schedules are too busy to follow through.  Luckily, there are some exercises that can be combined with everyday tasks. Sometimes all we need is a new thought or new idea to make lasting change. It’s best to make small changes instead of trying to reinvent yourself overnight. You are most likely to stick with a exercise routine with small steps.  Sometimes we just have be creative in the ways we can fit a workout into our busy day.  Work...
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1 Feb 2018

13th Annual Winter Classic Racquetball Tournament

We are excited to announce that the 13th Annual Winter Classic Racquetball Tournament will be held at the Athletic Club of Overland Park! The tournament will be held on February 16 through February 18. The tournament will start at 5:00 pm on Friday and 9:00 am on Saturday and Sunday. Each match will be 2 games played to 15 points. There will be divisions for singles and for doubles. As an added bonus, all tournament players will receive a free pair of cotton blended sweatpants! Be sure to stay late on Saturday because there will be a party at the Courtside Fresh Bar & Grill, located inside the club from 8-11 pm. Click here for more information on the tournament and...
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26 Jan 2018

The Best Foods to Help You Build Muscle

There is truth in the saying, “You are what you eat”. To build muscle and lose fat, you need a variety of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats for optimal health. Protein uses more energy to digest and is essential for muscle building.  Carbohydrates are vital to any weight training routine to provide energy to workout.  Healthy fats also enhance muscle growth. Here are a few of the best foods you should put on your plate for a lean body. Milk: it offers a dynamic, low calorie combination of protein and carbs. The amino acids in milk closely resemble muscle tissue protein. Eggs: eating eggs with yolk will be beneficial because they contain choline which is a B vitamin and will help...
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23 Jan 2018

What To Expect At Your First Group Fitness Class

Group fitness has been a staple in the fitness world for many years. It is a great way to get active and stay fit without having to come up with your own workout routine. It is also a great way to workout with your friends. From yoga to spinning, there are many different classes out there, you just have to try them out to see which ones work best for you and your needs. So now that you have made the decision to take a class, what should you do? A lot of people like to introduce themselves to the instructor. This will help because some times there is specific equipment needed for some classes and the instructor will be...
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18 Jan 2018

Tips to Stay Healthy During the Winter

With shorter days and winter weather, finding the motivation to stay fit can be difficult and that can lay the foundation for a weakened immune system. The chilly and unpleasant days can make it difficult to find the motivation to venture out. Here are some ways to stay healthy this winter: If you are struggling to find the motivation to workout, plan your exercises in advance. Plan to do workouts that will have you up and moving! You can even listen to upbeat music to help yourself! Head to a sauna or steam room, if you find yourself experiencing depression or high levels of stress. A sauna or steam room can help. It helps relieve tight muscles and the heat...
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11 Jan 2018

Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk

While it is important to exercise, sometimes it is hard to find the time to fit it in a workout. However, being sedentary can lead to obesity and contribute to back pain, which is one of the most common musculoskeletal conditions among office workers. According to experts, we spend more time sitting than we do sleeping. So how can we use the time that we spend sitting more effectively? Try some of theses stretches and exercises to do at your desk to help counteract all that tension that accumulates from being idle most of the day. Walk in place or jog in place Perform an ab strengthening  move Engage your core muscles and extend opposite arm in front of you. Bend to the...
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10 Jan 2018

Welcoming Swim Instructor, Cody Byrns!

The Athletic Club of Overland would like to introduce Cody Byrns as our new swim instructor! Cody has been a water safety instructor for over 12 years and counting! He masters in teaching infant survival classes, stroke performance training/critique, adult lessons, and master swim training. There is never an age gap when it comes to learning proper swim techniques and Cody intends on helping perfect your comfortability and style! Swimming yields many different benefits. The Athletic Club of Overland Park offers a heated, 25-meter, 4-lane swimming pool. The hot tub and pool create an outdoor oasis for sunbathers and swimmers alike. During the colder months, the pool is covered by a state-of-the-art climate-controlled dome. This allows our swimmers to enjoy...
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9 Jan 2018

How to Get Yourself Motivated to Workout

There are a lot of people that struggle with getting motivated to work out. You have these grand ideas of going to the gym and getting fit, but you have trouble finding the drive to actually work out. Here a a few tips and tricks that can help motivate yourself to go to the gym! Plan It seems kind of silly, but lay out your clothes the night before or have your gym bag by your door. If you have all of these things easily accessible, it will be harder to come up with reasons to not go to the gym Have Alternate Ideas On days that you don’t feel like going to the gym, have a list of some...
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