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14 Nov 2014

Athletic Club of Overland Park to host first annual Kansas City Squash Shoot-Out

Why it took Kansas City five centuries to organize a Squash tournament is beyond me. But, with the weather driving athletes of all sports indoors, perhaps its time to pick up a racquet of a different kind and try your athleticism in the first ever annual Kansas City Squash Shoot-Out. As an established pillar of the international court sport community, the Athletic Club of Overland Park takes great pride in playing host to what could surely take hold as a prestigious event and assimilate itself into the wide array of epic court sport tournaments already ingrained into the clubs foundation. For local competitors, the shoot-out will commence the evening of Friday, December 12th, with full tournament play stretching the length...
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2 Oct 2014

Kansas City Badminton – Facts You Never Knew!

The popularity of Kansas City badminton is definitely on the rise. Here in Overland Park, The Athletic Club is is helping all Kansas City badminton players gather to play their beloved sport. For those of you who aren’t familiar with badminton, let’s just say it’s no longer “your mama’s game”. Kansas City badminton is actually quite competitive and there is a huge following of Kansas City badminton players in our neck of woods (Southern Kansas City). Here’s a list of facts you probably never knew about the sport of Badminton: 1) The badminton shuttlecock is hit at speeds exceeding 200 mph, making it the fastest paced sport using rackets. 2) Traditionally, the shuttlecock is made with goose feathers instead of...
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14 Sep 2014

50th Annual Heart of America Handball Tournament

Join us the weekend of October 3rd-5th for the 50th Annual Heart of America Handball Tournament. Start times will be available online or by phone after 4 PM on Thursday, October 2nd. For a list of divisions, complete pricing information, and online registration, visit the official handball tournament site here. Entry fees are $55 per player for the first event and $20 per player for the second event. For college and juniors, entry fees are $25 and $5 respectively. Cash prizes will be awarded in open events and awards will be for first and second places in all other divisions. There will be lunch and dinner served on Saturday. Tournament refreshments will be available throughout the handball tournament. All players...
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14 Aug 2014

15th Annual Ghost of Georgetown KC IRT Racquetball Tournament

The Athletic Club of Overland Park is pleased to host the 15th Annual Ghost of Georgetown KC IRT Racquetball Tournament. This year’s tournament will be September 25-28, 2014. The IRT Network will broadcast the tournament online. This is a Tier-1 tournament featuring the best players in the world. Grandstand bleachers will hold over 300 fans; tickets for fans are only $35.00. Lunch and dinner will be provided on both Friday and Saturday. The PROs will have a FREE Jr. Clinic on Saturday beginning at 10:30 AM.  A player appreciation party will be held in the Court Side Cafe and Bar/Poolside for free on Saturday evening. That night there will also be door prizes and give-aways. A silent auction will benefit...
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14 Aug 2014

The Athletic Club Offers Overland Park Group Fitness Classes

Here is Jessica’s take on the Athletic Club and it’s Overland Park group fitness classes. Exercise has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. As a child, my parents would tote my siblings and me out to the track so they could work out (and we could play in the “sandbox” at the end of the long-jump runway). I was involved in athletics at an early age and continued to compete all through college, which is where I met my husband. He is an athlete, too. So, naturally, when we moved to Kansas City, we stayed active. When we learned we were pregnant with our first baby, we decided to find a gym where we’d...
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13 Jul 2014

014 Kansas City Summer Table Tennis Shootout

Join us on Saturday, August 9th for the 2014 Kansas City Summer Table Tennis Shootout. The table tennis tournament will begin with check-in and warm-up from 9 AM to 10 AM with the tournament running from 10 AM to 6 PM. The 10-table tournament will be round-robin style, so you are sure to get plenty of matches. This is a non-sanctioned table tennis tournament. There will be five divisions: open singles, intermediate singles (U-1800), novice singles (U-1200), hard bat singles, and open doubles. Each division will be seeded based on the latest USATT website update. If a player is not already rated, an estimate of rank will occur. The shootout is open to all table tennis players. USATT membership is...
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7 Jun 2014

Healthy Diet Tips from Kansas City Health Club

Healthy Diet Tips from Kansas City Health Club Unless you have been living under a rock- you have likely heard that eating foods that are fresh, less processed,  low in sugar, sodium, trans-fats, and cholesterol, is better for your health. Here are some reminders of just how important a healthy diet is for you and your loved ones. 1) EATING A HEALTHY DIET CAN HELP KEEP YOU FROM GETTING SICK!! Diets heavy in the aforementioned foods have been proven to significantly increase the risk of  disease. Diseases associated with a poor diet include obesity, heart disease, Type II Diabetes, Colon Cancer, and High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol. Lets face it, processed food is readily available, less expensive, convenient  and is...
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22 May 2014

Kansas City WWII Veteran Shares His Story– Memorial Day 2014

Kansas City WWII Veteran Shares His Story– Memorial Day 2014 A hero in our midst:  Robert South Kansas is home to a diminishing population of World War II Veterans. Recently I heard about a program that helps WW11 vets travel to the memorial in Washington DC and honors them for their service in that battle. It is called Heartland Honor Flight. With the help of donations to the program, airfare and hotel accommodations are paid for. Veterans are honored on many points throughout the trip including a reception at the airport in Washington, at the memorial and on their return flight home. A brass band and cheering onlookers show their appreciation for the soldiers who fought for our freedom so...
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12 May 2014

Kansas City Corporate Challenge Racquetball tournament is this weekend May 17-18!

To promote health, wellness, and camaraderie by presenting participants with physical endeavors designed to challenge their bodies and minds through the spirit of corporate competition.– Kansas City Corporate Challenge Mission Statement Kansas City Corporate Challenge is a massive event spanning 29 sporting events including running, swimming, tennis, table tennis, racquetball, trap shooting, golf, dodgeball, darts, soccer, basketball, and tug-of-war.  The Challenge is also a Charity event for Special Olympics of Kansas City. Over $17,500 was raised in 2013 for this cause. Participants are all part of Kansas City Metro business professionals. 2014 saw an addition of 22 companies to reach 200 participating businesses. This year’s challenge also had the highest number of registrants to date with nearly 29,000 professionals creating...
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7 May 2014

Oooh I wanna dance with somebody…at the Friday Night Overland Park Dance Party!

Oohhh I wanna dance with Somebody… you should too! Oops I just lost about 30% of my readers. You shook your head and said- “Nope! There is no rhythm or coordination in this body…”, or  “I don’t dance”. Others think “Dancing is for young people out clubbing and shaking what the lord gave them— The lord taketh mine away a long time ago” Whatever dialogue you had within yourself (or out loud). Dancing is more that meets the eye- there may be enough reasons here to convince you to let the rhythm sink in. From our earliest moments in the womb we had rhythm. Our bodies operate on rhythm. Our heartbeat breathing, and speech follow a rhythm. Music affects babies...
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