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2 Apr 2013

Overland Park Kickboxing at the Athletic Club

Kickbox Combo, the Athletic Club’s very own Overland Park kickboxing group fitness class is offered on Mondays at 12 pm, Tuesdays at 5:30 pm, and Fridays at 12 pm in time installments that range from an forty-five minutes to an hour. Our Kickbox combo class unites kickboxing, plyometrics, and rope skipping in a dynamic combination throughout a variety of changing, challenging intervals. The class also includes rousing equipment, such as heavy bags, mitts, kettle bells, track, stairs, and cycle bikes. One thing members don’t have to worry about in this class is getting bored. This class at the Athletic Club is exciting and fun. However in addition to the thrilling aspect of our combo class, kickboxing works wonders for your...
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15 Feb 2013

Kansas City Table Tennis – Things You Never Knew!

The more you know, the more you know you don’t know. — Truer words have never been spoken! When it comes to sports as obscure as Table Tennis is in Kansas City, it’s understandable why most of us might not know hardly anything. Well, here are some facts to get your Kansas City Table Tennis knowledge on the up and up. Enjoy! #1) According to the Kansas City Table Tennis Sports Commission, Table Tennis is the world’s most popular racket sport. Governing Table Tennis associations total more than 300 million active members. #2) Table Tennis balls are not lifeless and empty – rather, the inside of a Table Tennis ball is pressurized with gas. #3) Table Tennis was once banned...
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