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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
19 Aug 2015

All About Kansas City Aquatics

Summer may be nearing it’s end but Kansas City aquatics does not have to! The Athletic Club of Overland Park’s pool is covered by a state-of-the-art climate-controlled dome in the winter. This allows you to have access to a great pool year-round!

Swimming is great for you and offers many benefits. One of the main benefits of Kansas City aquatics is you get constant cardio. Swimming requires you to be constantly moving to keep your body from sinking.

Not only that but swimming also provides strength training! That’s right, water creates a strong resistance and when you swim, your body is working and building strength.

We offer several aquatics classes including Watermoves, 3D Aqua, H2O Hover, Heavy H2O Hover, Aquarobics, and Aqua Box. Aqua Box involves using various jabs and punches to increase your heart rate. If you are looking for a class that mixes things up, 3D Aqua may be the class for you! It mixes some dancing, sports drills, and moving through deeper water with water toys. H2O Hover is a non-impact class where you use various buoyancy tools to keep you suspended as you do movements such as leaping motions, scissor kicks, running, and bicycles.

Whether you are looking for a beginners class or prefer something more advanced, The Athletic Club is the place to go for Kansas City aquatics! Classes are free for members so what are you waiting for!