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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
9 Jun 2015

All About Racquetball from Kansas City Fitness Center

Kansas City Fitness Center, The Athletic Club is the place to go for racquetball! The Athletic club features an impressive 15 racquetball/handball courts between our two facilities. Some of the most exciting racquetball tournaments are hosted at this Kansas City Fitness Center!

New to Racquetball? That’s okay. Now is a great time to learn a little about the sport!

Racquetball is a sport similar to handball but is played with a racket, instead. The rules are a combination of those found in squash, handball, and paddleball. The game begins when the ball is served by bouncing the ball one time, hitting it to the front wall, and the ball landing past the short line. After this the ball is considered in play and the player(s) try to rotate smacking the ball on the front wall.

Racquetball was created by Joseph Sobek in the mid-twentieth century. Sobek became bored of the usual indoor sports and decided to create something different. He begun playing handball using paddles. He continued to play in this fashion but adapted new rules from those of squash and handball. Then, Joseph created his own racket, which was similar to the tennis racket but shorter strung. The next issue Joseph had to address was the ball. He was getting complaints about the ball’s capabilities. He knew he needed to find something that was stronger and with more bounce. Luckily, he found a rubber ball from Spalding that worked like a charm! Sobek worked to promote his new sport and it continued to gain momentum as time passed.

Not only do we offer Kansas City Racquetball leagues, we also offer lessons and clinics for all ages and skill sets to learn and grow in the sport. We host many different racquetball tournaments on a local, national, and international level. There is always something exciting happening with Kansas City Racquetball at the Athletic Club! Come check out what all the fuss is about!