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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
15 Mar 2015

Aubrey Vineyards Added to Bar Menu

Local Wines from Aubrey Vineyards Added to Bar Menu:

Are you a wine lover? Check out the new selection of wines sold by the glass and bottle in the Courtside Fresh Grill & Bar. Aubrey Vineyards, a local winery, chose TAC’s Courtside to be the first bar to sell these premier selections, most of which are made from grapes grown right here in Overland Park. Swing by and be among the first to experience the delicious vino before the brand expands!

Aubrey Vineyards is a family owned and operated winery and vineyard, from south Overland Park, Kansas. They are working diligently to help revive the wine industry that once flourished in the Overland Park area during the 19th century. Their small batches of premium, hand-crafted wine captures this native, pioneering spirit. Aubrey Vineyards invites local wine drinkers to experience modern Midwestern wine making at its best.