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of Overland Park
3 May 2018

Benefits of Incorporating Plants to Promote Wellness

Most everyone is aware that incorporating a few more fruits and veggies into a diet has lasting health benefits in many different areas. However, most people may not know about the many other areas of our lives that plants are able to improve!

  • Air quality and home environment: House plants are so much more than living home décor. Many house plants act as natural air filters that work to improve air quality,  oxygen levels in the home and regulate indoor humidity. There is also research to suggest that house plants are able to improve feelings of peace and a stress free environment making the home a healthy clean environment to escape from everyday stressors!
  • Improve working environments: In addition to the benefits listed above that improve air quality and reduced stress environments, studies of plants in office environments have also found that plants improve both productivity and creativity. Having plants and images of nature improved creativity and focus by 15% in one study.
    • Types of plants to bring into the home or office to improve wellness: Succulents, peace lilies, cooking herbs such as oregano, basil, and mint, fig trees, bamboo, snake plant, and aloe.
  • Meatless Mondays: Another way to incorporate more plants into our diet is by making them the main event for all meals one day a week! Bringing Meatless Mondays into a meal plan allows you to explore new recipes that do not require meat as the focus and main dish. Meat free meals can help to lower the risk for heart disease and assist in weight loss. Meat free meals are typically full of nutrients and fiber to assist a healthy digestive system and improve overall health.
  • Improve sleep and boost immune system with herbal teas: Many different teas boast the ability to improve different ailments and worries by drinking tea. Some teas improve weight loss, provide antioxidants, and a lower amount of caffeine than coffee for those who are sensitive to the effects of caffeine. Teas with valerian root are said to improve quality of sleep. Peppermint and chamomile teas aid digestion and upset stomachs. Tea also is a great way to improve hydration without drinking plain tap water all the time. Tea is typically calorie free and more flavorful than water.