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15 Apr 2015

Benefits of Kansas City Yoga

There are so many benefits that can be found in Kansas City Yoga! As it continues to gain popularity, it is important to find a fitness club that offers yoga on a regular basis. At The Athletic Club you can find a yoga class every day of the week! We offer different  yoga classes such as Beginning Yoga and Yoga Sculpt. Yoga has multiple benefits for health, fitness, and relaxation.

A Few of the Benefits of Kansas City Yoga:

  • Increased flexibility- As you continue to attend classes you will see a gradual shift in your flexibility. Yoga stretches your muscles and connective tissues, which can allow you to have better posture and fewer pains.
  • Increased muscle strength- As you are increasing your flexibility, you also improve muscle strength which can protect you from falls as you get older and prevent conditions such back pain.
  • Boosts your immunity and drains your lymphs- As you change positions and move around, your organs also move around, which causes drainage of lymphs. This can help to fight infection and rid the body of waste.
  • Improves your mood- In many cases yoga can increase happiness, improve your focus, and relax your system.
  • Helps you breathe better- Yoga can teach you how to breathe better using bigger and fewer breaths.
  • Increased Blood Flow- Yoga can help circulation and blood flow through the use of different poses and exercises.
  • Improved Self Esteem– As you practice yoga, you may begin to gain confidence through your growth, both physically and mentally.
  • Can lead to weight loss- Yoga can help with weight loss in multiple ways including lowering stress levels, lowering blood sugar, and encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

Thanks to Yoga Journal for the great information! Come by The Athletic Club today to attend one of our Kansas City Yoga classes and experience the benefits for yourself!