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of Overland Park
24 Apr 2018

Benefits of Spring Cleaning!

The weather is warming up and the flowers are starting to pop up! It’s time to spring clean and get that great feeling from a cleaner home. You have been cooped up all winter and the toxins & dust have built up over the months. Cleaning your home is more than just an organized house.

There are physiological benefits to having a clean home. You can find things after clearing all the clutter. More clutter means more stress. Cleaning your home can improve your mood and gets you active without even realizing it. Researchers have discovered that the cleaner your home is the more exercise you get by simply burning calories by cleaning. They have found that if individuals are motivated to take control of how clean their homes are they are more inclined to use that drive in other areas of their lives and that would be achieving physical fitness.

You can feel healthier after cleaning because there is more pollution inside the home than outside the home. You will breathe better.  

Burning calories is a tempting incentive. For example, A man can burn 102 calories sweeping floors and a woman can burn 82. This is based on a average weight of 166 lb woman and a 187 lb man over the age of 20 doing 30 minutes of chores.

So what are you waiting for? Get to cleaning!