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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
1 Aug 2013

Best Business by College Boulevard

Few streets are home to more businesses than College Boulevard in Overland Park, Kansas. The Athletic Club of Overland Park is just one of the many local businesses thriving near this location.

At the Athletic Club of Overland Park we are proud that our small business doesn’t just offer our customer’s goods and services, it provides our members with a sense of community.

Right here by College Boulevard the Athletic Club of Overland Park is giving its members so much more than a gym.

With community events (like our Key Lime Party coming up on August third) and a staff that has personal relationships with its members and an invested interest in their success, it is easy to see how the Athletic Club isn’t just a fitness center.

While helping our members achieve their best level of physical fitness isn’t our only goal, we do have a variety of resources to help our members get there! The Athletic Club offers a gym with state of the art equipment so members can have the freedom to train on machines independently, however it also offers personal trainers for members who need a little more guidance on the road to fitness.

The Athletic Club also offers a variety of sports courts and sports leagues as well as the option for pick up games. Later this month the Athletic Club is even hosting a racquetball tournament!

In addition to a variety of physical activities the Athletic Club also provides nutritional support. There are several expert nutritionists on our staff who have the ability to prescribe a diet and lifestyle that is perfect for the best you.

Whether you just ended a meeting with a nutritionist, played in a basketball game, or worked out with a personal trainer, the Courtside Café is the perfect place to relax and hang with friends.

From friends to fitness, it’s clear that the Athletic Club of Overland Park is the best business by College Boulevard.