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19 Feb 2018

Best Cardio Exercises to Cut Fat

Cardiovascular exercise helps you stay lean and show of the muscle gain you attained from hitting the weights. Endless crunches are not the secret to cutting fat because they strengthen the underlying fat tissue.

Any activity is positive, moving at a high intensity is the key to burning more fat. Walking is the simplest and most convenient exercise! It’s great to burn calories and it is a low impact workout that anyone can do! Walking has many positive benefits to your health such as maintaining a healthy weight, improving your mood and strengthening your bones and muscles.

Stair climbing can provide a sizable calorie burn. For example, a 150 pound person running stairs for an hour can burn up to 1000 calories! Stair climbing is a high intensity, high impact exercise so if you are relatively new to cardio workout – start out by timing your sessions.

Elliptical training is a great way to burn fat and provides a low impact workout without wearing on your joints. The Athletic Club of Overland Park has a handful of elliptical machines available in the Cardio Theatre for use. There are no restriction times so make your workout yours!

Weight training along with the cardiovascular exercise will help to speed up the fat burning process because muscle is metabolically active and burns more calories, even during active rest.

Pick an exercise you enjoy and move it, move it!


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