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of Overland Park
26 Jan 2018

The Best Foods to Help You Build Muscle

There is truth in the saying, “You are what you eat”. To build muscle and lose fat, you need a variety of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats for optimal health. Protein uses more energy to digest and is essential for muscle building.  Carbohydrates are vital to any weight training routine to provide energy to workout.  Healthy fats also enhance muscle growth.

Here are a few of the best foods you should put on your plate for a lean body.

  • Milk: it offers a dynamic, low calorie combination of protein and carbs. The amino acids in milk closely resemble muscle tissue protein.
  • Eggs: eating eggs with yolk will be beneficial because they contain choline which is a B vitamin and will help your muscles operate at peak volume. They are also very easy to cook and will help with your protein intake.
  • Cottage cheese: this treat is a great go-to protein source especially before bed. It contains casein protein which is easy to digest.
  • Chicken: this is an excellent muscle building food and a fantastic source of selenium and amino acids and Vitamin D and what is interesting is that it does not get destroyed by cooking the meat!