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of Overland Park
7 Nov 2013

Beth’s Success Story featuring Kansas City Group Fitness Classes

Beth’s Success Story featuring Kansas City Group Fitness Classes:

Beth’s advice to anyone who is looking to get healthy: never, never, never give up!

I hope that by showing my success, I can inspire others to do the same! I joined The Athletic Club a year ago through my company on a corporate membership, just 8 weeks after having had my second child. I was unhappy with the way I felt and how I was eating and was determined to make a change. By changing the way I eat and sweating it out exercising at The Athletic Club for a year now, I have been able to lose (and keep off) 30lbs, and I have gone from a size 10 to a size 0 – something I never thought possible after two kids!

I had never belonged to a gym before and apart from participating in sports in High School, I had never been very active. I instantly fell in love with the Athletic Club because of the caring and encouraging atmosphere of the Club. The trainers are very knowledgeable and will help you perfect your form and achieve your fitness goals. I love that the classes are included in my membership! I also rent a locker for a low monthly price so I never have an excuse that I left my clothes, shoes, etc. at home.

With two young kids and a husband who works the midnight shift, I don’t have the option to work out evenings or weekends. Luckily, The Athletic Club is near my office, so over my lunch hour I head to the gym and I make every minute coufnt! I do my own lifting and cardio workouts in the weight room, and I also really enjoy the instant results (and sweat!) I can get from April’s Kickboxing, Monica’s Cycle, and Trish’s Muscle Works classes. The classes are very challenging, yet do-able for any fitness level because the trainers work with new students to modify for all levels.

A year ago I would have never seen myself where I am at now. I am so happy with my transformation! I have accomplished a lot over the last year and I have set additional fitness/health goals for myself for the next 1-3 years that will continue to motivate me to live a healthy lifestyle, and of course, continue working out at the Athletic Club of OP!

Some advice I would give to anyone who is looking to get healthy:
-Never, never, never give up! Set small, short term, attainable goals.
-Getting lean is 80% nutrition and 20% sweat! Eating clean is key.
-If you fail to plan, plan to fail – prep your food daily/weekly.
-Lift weights!
-Allow yourself a “cheat” meal weekly.
-If you have a day where you don’t feel like working out, step into the gym and just move – you will never regret a good sweat!
-Be happy. Always stay positive!