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20 Oct 2017

Cut it out: Slowly Eliminating your Sugar Intake!

Starting to keep tabs on your health begins with conscious eating choices and habits. Forming those habits can be difficult and overwhelming at first. Intake of sugar triggers your brain to release pleasure-stimulating hormones which in turn makes you feel happy and energized. A tolerance will build leading to your body craving more and more sugar to generate the feelings of elation. By slowing cutting out food types, your body can adjust to the change in diet. Cutting your intake down can be easy with these tips:

Phase 1: Learn your sugars!

Sugar comes in many names and countless forms – learn to recognize their “alter-egos” on food labels. A few examples of sugar:

High fructose corn syrup
Malt Sugar
Corn sweetener

Phase 2: Wean off the sugary beverages

Swap the sugary soda pop for water or fruit-infused drinks. Soft drinks, energy drinks, sweetened coffee, and juices contain calories that are considered “empty”. Water is always a safe choice! Eliminating these beverages by quitting them “cold turkey” is your best bet.

Phase 3: Spoonful of Sugar – Not for me!

Quit table sugar and substitute with organic sweeteners such as honey or stevia. Coffee sweeteners with flavors have added sugars, consider milk and honey for your extra kick in the morning.

Phase 4: Watch your serving sizes

When baking sweets, cut your recipe’s call for sugar by ⅓ or ¼. It’s a slight amount – your tastebuds may not even realize the difference! Reward yourself for your sugar cuts with that brownie but also limit yourself to a reasonable amount. You’ll feel good for your responsible choice!