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of Overland Park
21 Mar 2014

David’s Success Story with Merriam Group Fitness Classes

David’s Success Story with Merriam Group Fitness Classes:

I joined The Athletic Club about a year ago, through the Corporate Wellness Program at my previous employer.  Because I work in IT, I spend a majority of my day at a desk, staring at multiple screens and being sedentary.  Not moving had resulted in significant weight gain and losses in my overall fitness.  As a member of the Kansas Army National Guard for over ten years, I am expected to maintain a specific level of fitness.  These things factored into my decision to take a more proactive approach to my wellbeing.  Unfortunately, like a number of people without guidance, I initially wasted a great deal of time at the gym.  I would wander around the weight room or cardio theatre without a plan of how to exercise.  It was not until I started to utilize the Group Fitness classes at The Athletic Club, that my fitness plan started to come together.  I found that I could take components of the Group Fitness classes:  Muscle Works, Butts and Guts, and Cardio Kickboxing and derive my own workouts outside of the Group Fitness classes.

Why I’ve stayed committed:

First and foremost, I owe it to my children to live a healthier lifestyle.  How can I expect them to adopt healthier habits, if I am not leading by example?  Cancer and Diabetes are rampant on both sides of my family.  It is my hope that by being more active, I can significantly reduce the potential of developing these diseases.  Working out has helped renew my confidence in my ability to perform any of the tasks assigned to me by the Kansas Army National Guard.  On March 23, 2014 I will travel to White Sands, New Mexico to participate in the Bataan Death March.  This is a 26 mile march to commemorate the American soldiers that had to march 80+ miles to their prisoner of war camps in Bataan, Philippines.  This march has been a bucket list item for me and now because of my successful training at The Athletic Club, this is actually going to happen!

How I feel:

I have lost over 30 lbs since last August and I have found that my energy level is up and my quality of sleep has greatly improved.  While I still have a long way to go, I feel confident that thanks to The Athletic Club, I now have the tools to take me there.

What I like about The Athletic Club:

My favorite thing about The Athletic Club is the people. The staff truly makes me feel like they are concerned with my physical wellbeing.  It was Laura Bollinger’s passion that got me in the front door and the dedication of Trish Scott and Sarrisa Haley to improving my fitness level that has kept me coming back.  Thanks to The Athletic Club’s numerous amenities and knowledgeable people I am able to stay on track with my fitness program and continue to reach my fitness goals.

Advice for others:

Do not get frustrated and do not expect to see results overnight.  Results will come, but you have to be willing to work for them.  Utilize all of the assets at The Athletic Club:  Fitness Classes, Personal Training, Weight Training, Leagues, Tournaments, Events, Basketball or Swimming.  There is a wealth of knowledge at The Athletic Club to help you succeed.  Also, set realistic goals for where you want to be.

However, once you meet that goal, you should raise the bar for your next one.

David Curry