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7 Sep 2013

Enduring Life’s Storms from Overland Park Social Club

Enduring Life’s Storms from Overland Park Social Club:

Living in the mid-western, I grew up enduring many of “Mother Nature’s” storms. When I was four or five, my grandfather noticed how fearful I was during a severe thunder and lightning storm. He gently took my hand and suggested we go “watch the show” then walked me to the front porch where we took a seat on the porch swing. My tiny hand in my dear grandfather’s large, warm hand reassured me I would be safe, even during the storm.

One of the things I loved about growing up was hanging out on our covered front porch with family and friends. A wooden swing, held by a linked chain, hung from the porch roof. The swing faced the street and provided hours of entertainment and relaxation and, on this stormy day, I found comfort and a new perspective.

I remember his soft, deep voice giving me what was almost like a sports commentary while we sat in the swing watching the rain fall and lightning light up the sky followed by loud cracking thunder.

“Listen to that rain coming down Lucy. Oh, there’s a flash of lightning. Let’s count to see how many seconds before the thunder follows.” His calmness and certainty of knowing what would follow brought peace and made a fun game of what was once frightening and unknown. To this day, I love watching storms; from a place of safety.

How easy it is to allow anxiety and fear of the unknown to fuel emotional turmoil within us. Storms come into our lives in many ways such as physical, emotional, spiritual and financial challenges. Storms can last for days, weeks, months and even years.

We all experience times when things don’t go quite right and we wonder if there is a dark cloud over us. Enjoy this amazing video clip from Manhattan, KS to see what a serious storm cloud looks like:
*Awesome Video – 9/26/2010 Storm Clouds at K-State / FL game!

Personally, with all the storms I’ve weathered, I’d say I have master’s degree in Meteorology! Let’s be real – Relationships, career, physical challenges are storms that can shake anyone and everyone’s world. The key is to accept the challenge and remember a few things to help you weather the storm:
Storms are temporary; they come and they go
Storms are inevitable; everyone experiences them
Storms provide great lessons; learn from them
Storms get your priorities in order; IMMEDIATELY
Storms provide the opportunity for growth; rebuilding
Storms develop and strengthens one’s character
Storms bring people together; community and humanitarianism
When I’m in the midst of a storm, I have a few things I’ve learned to do to assess the situation rather than spiral out of control. We do have control, so finding ways to deal with storms before, during, and afterward is key to your well-being.

If you would like to learn ways to make the storms more bearable and grow from them, I’d highly recommend you invest in TCOY (taking care of you). I encourage you to check out the books I’ve listed below in the “Further Reading” section. I share these with my clients and believe you may also find them helpful.

I am currently taking on a few new clients and welcome the opportunity to help you weather your storms. Perhaps your company or an organization is ready to be introduced to and learn my TCOY Philosophy on Total Wellness? TCOY Wellness Coaching is about sustainable changes for the health of it.

You don’t have to be sick or in a storm to improve your quality of life; but often that is the driving force for change and action.

Like my grandfather did for me, I want you see the value the storm brings into our life. I understand the pain; yet, I also know it is temporary and, if you choose to, you will grow as a result of the storm. May you enjoy the next rainstorm with a different perspective for there is good that comes from the storm. Be Strong my friend!

Until next month…TCOY!

Coach Lucy

Additional tidbits and inspiration to help you through the storms:
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