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The Athletic Club

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15 May 2015

Energy Boosters from Kansas City Fitness Center

Wake up! Want to stop feeling so tired and groggy? Take a look at some energy boosters from Kansas City Fitness Center, The Athletic Club of Overland Park.

  • Take breaks- whether it be at the gym or at work, taking short breaks can help you to re-focus and find extra motivation.
  • Exercise moderately- exercise a moderate amount daily to help increase your energy.
  • Try a new drink- instead of drinking your go-to coffee. try some homemade hot chocolate. Homemade hot chocolate will contain less sugar and will be less likely to give you that crash later in your day.
  • Chew some gum- chewing gum can increase your alertness, boost your memory, and help you concentrate better!
  • Volunteer- people often feel less stressed when they give their time to others.
  • Increase your potassium- potassium is great for increasing energy levels because it help lower your blood pressure and lessen the amount of sodium you take in which can lessen your stress levels.
  • Take a yoga break- yoga can help to elevate your mood!
  • Watch your caffeine- you can build up a resistance to caffeine, making it less effective. Try using it more sparingly to really get an energy boost when you need it.

Try some of these tips to help increase your energy, whether at home or at the Kansas City Fitness Center, The Athletic Club. The Athletic Club is a premiere Kansas City fitness center, conveniently located in Overland Park, just minutes from Metcalf and I-435.