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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
7 May 2014

First Annual Badminton Tournament at The Athletic Club in Overland Park, KS

24 participants took the court in the first ever Badminton tournament at The Athletic Club on Sunday April 28th, 2014. The Athletic Club held a strong presence.Reggie Chandra & Sajiv Joseph, members of The Athletic Club, took first place in their respective bracket.

Badminton is an international sport. As in many other sports there are skill divisions. The categories of skill are different depending on where you are playing. In the United States you may see skill levels listed as A, B or C. In other countries you may find very specific and traditional rankings such as bronze, silver, and gold. Still in other places you may see skill broken down by beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

The tournaments themselves are given a ranking as well.  Some categories of tournaments are International Challenge, International Series, Super Series, Grand Prix Gold etc.  They can also be  categorized in Singles, Doubles or Juniors. This tournament was categorized as a Men’s Doubles Tournament. There were 12 participating teams.

This tournament was comprised of more advanced players who are working diligently on technique, shot perfection, agility, and overall court domination.  The play was fast paced, athletic, competitive and fascinating to watch.

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Badminton Open Gym times at The Athletic Club in Overland Park are as follows

Friday 6-9pm 2 courts

Saturday 10-Noon 1 court, Noon-2:00pm 4 Courts

Sunday 2:00-7:00pm 4 courts

The Athletic Club also offers badminton racquet restringing services to keep your equipment in excellent condition.