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22 May 2015

Fit Exercise into your Day with Tips from Lenexa Fitness Club

With schedules busier than ever, it can be hard to fit exercise into our days sometimes. Check out some tips from Lenexa Fitness Club, The Athletic Club of Overland Park to help you squeeze exercise into your schedule!

An easy way to get in more exercise is by adding some extra steps to your daily routine. You can do this simply by parking futher from the door or taking the steps instead of the elevator!

Another easy way to do exercise if you work in an office setting is by doing leg lifts while you are at your desk. If you’re looking for more leg work, try doing some squats when you are brushing your teeth in the morning or at night.

Try subtly working your glutes by squeezing them throughout the day. This could be done while you are waiting for copies or on the elevator and no one will know!

You can even fit in some exercise when you get home from work while you are watching television. You can do dips on the edge of the couch and work on your arms. You can also use commercial breaks to get in some ab work!

Stretching can help relieve built up tension and tightness in muscles. Try doing some upper body stretches while at your desk!

A great way to get in some leg work is by squatting while talking on the phone. You can even do this sitting up against a wall.

An easy way to get exercise during the day is to clean! Cleaning can help you  burn calories while doing a regular chore!

Lenexa Fitness Club, The Athletic Club of Overland Park, offers several lunchtime group fitness classes throughout the week. These classes vary in length and make it easy to fit in a quick workout on your lunch break!