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12 Jan 2017

All About Group Fitness Classes

Having trouble staying motivated to make it through your workout? Group fitness classes can benefit you in many ways and I will share a few of those ways with you. Classes in a group setting can give you the comfort to workout with others around your same skill level and who were once in your shoes as well. They are also more inclined to help you out when you need it! You find people in the class who like to do the same classes as you, workout when you do, helps build relationships outside of the club, and also helps you to get new ideas from different people on how to become the healthiest and best that you can be.

If you are doing the same routine everyday, switching up your cycle with some group classes can shock your muscles with a change in movements that your body is not used to. Classes such as yoga will help one to relax and stretch out the body in different ways while following the moves of an instructor. These same relaxing moves can be carried over and be done anywhere that you want to outside of the class. Zumba and Step classes will challenge your cardio and body in movements that will work all of the muscles of the body and teach you rhythm and new routines! You can also sit down on a bike and pedal your way through the terrain with your instructor pushing you through and riding along with you. Another option is to combine the weights and your cardio with Muscle Works or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class.

There are also individual muscle group classes such as Abs & Arms that will test specific areas that you may be wanting to work on and give you that extra motivation to do a couple more repetitions. You can push that extra mile when your body is tired and learn some new moves with a Kickboxing class, combining cardio with kickboxing to help you push past that breaking point! Finally, you can get off of your feet and into the pool with a very light resistance workout that doesn’t have the impact of running or weights but still gives you the cardiovascular workout you need to help you improve your everyday life and health. No matter what form of group class you choose it can benefit you to branch out and try out some new things and meet some new faces that you may already see everyday!