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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
6 Jan 2017

Gym Activities

Tired of that same old treadmill or bike? Looking for another form of cardio to switch it up? There are a  variety of activities in the gymnasium that you can do to switch up your routine and do something that you enjoy doing for fun.

If you are basketball fan, basketball season is in full gear and so are the pickup basketball games. Find some buddies to play with or find someone new during open play time at The Athletic Club to stay out of the cold.

Badminton is an activity in which you can play with anywhere from two to four people on the court. It requires you to move around while keeping your eye on the shuttlecock and hitting it with the racket while not letting the shuttlecock ever hit the ground or from landing out-of-bounce.

If you want to work on your hand-eye coordination, table tennis is a great activity for increasing your coordination skills and your overall core strength as it will make you move all over the place hitting the ball in different positions and speeds.

Pickleball is very similar to table tennis but rather than playing on a table you play on the gymnasium floor and lower the badminton net down to the ground, using a bigger ball with holes in it to hit back and forth.

These activities can help you to build relationships with other people who have the same interests as you. Be sure before you go try these things you prepare your body by stretching, drinking lots of water, eating something before you play and warming up. No matter what form of cardio you are doing it pays off to stay active and these are some new ways to add some activities into your cardio routine and enjoy it at the same time!