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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
10 Jun 2013

Gym Membership at the Athletic Club of Overland Park Creates Community

Gym membership at the Athletic Club of Overland Park provides its members with a Kansas City gym that not only offers state of the art athletic equipment, but also creates a sense of community amongst the members—an important facet of gym membership that so many other athletic clubs in the Kansas City Metro Area lack.

The Athletic Club of Overland Park is a gym that has years of experience in putting its members first. In a large metropolitan area, like Kansas City, it is easy for members to feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the giagantic coporate athletic chains and monstrous, imposing gyms, luckily, however, the Overland Park Athletic Club has been able to create an environment that is supportive and intimate however also advanced and inovative—on the cutting edge of gym equipment and gym fitness techniques.

Many members boast about the sense of community and belonging that the Athletic Club of Overland Park has been able to create for them. These members consider our gym to be a home away from home, a place where every generation in their family can come and find sollace in our community and commitment to better health.

Our gym memberships offer something for all ages. Our members come from every demographic, the are male and female, young and old, fitness gurus and new beginners. However no matter what the demographic of member the Athletic Club is diverse enough to fit everyone’s fitness needs. We offer a variety of classes with a range of experience levels, we provide programs for youngsters, and offer nutrition as well as athletic advice.

A gym should be more than a place where you work out, it should be an opportunity for you to connect with your community. That is what the Athletic Club of Overland Park is able to do.