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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
7 Feb 2017

Handball Basics

Handball is a very difficult sport in which it requires one to move all around the court reaching to hit the ball at different angles. Similar to racquetball, Handball is played on the same court but can be played with a variety of walls depending on the site in which you are playing, although most will be the same as racquetball with four walls. The rules of handball are played just like racquetball with the differences coming in how you hit the ball, the weight and size of the ball, gloves used, etc.

Instead of using a racquetball to hit a light mid-sized ball, handball requires you to use the palm of your hand to open hand hit the ball as if your hand is the racquet. The ball is heavier, slightly smaller, and not quite as bouncy as a racquetball. Open handed smacking the ball repetitively can cause your hand to become very sore and start to hurt at times. For this particular reason handball gloves are designed with a thick leather padding that covers the palm of the hand to help protect and give padding to the hand when hitting the ball.

Handball is a great tool for exercise and your competitive spirit. In many sports in which you have a racquet you are required to move all over the court to get the ball and keep it alive before it bounces twice and to where you have the angles you want to make a good shot. But, in handball you must go that extra distance to make contact with your hand where your racquet would have been able to reach for you before. This calls for you to be in good shape with your cardio as well as your muscles when they are tired. Try some handball with some friends and see what all of the buzz is about!