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7 Jun 2014

Healthy Diet Tips from Kansas City Health Club

Healthy Diet Tips from Kansas City Health Club

Unless you have been living under a rock- you have likely heard that eating foods that are fresh, less processed,  low in sugar, sodium, trans-fats, and cholesterol, is better for your health. Here are some reminders of just how important a healthy diet is for you and your loved ones.

1) EATING A HEALTHY DIET CAN HELP KEEP YOU FROM GETTING SICK!! Diets heavy in the aforementioned foods have been proven to significantly increase the risk of  disease. Diseases associated with a poor diet include obesity, heart disease, Type II Diabetes, Colon Cancer, and High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol. Lets face it, processed food is readily available, less expensive, convenient  and is loaded with sugar, salt, and fat which tastes good. But it lacks important nutrients, fiber and vitamins and minerals that keep our body healthy, remove waste, and defend against illness.

2) EATING A HEALTHY DIET CAN HELP YOU LOSE EXCESS WEIGHT OR GAIN HEALTHY WEIGHT. Nutrient rich fruits, grains, nuts, and meats offer the best platform for an optimal body composition. If you have excess body fat, consuming less calories can help.  Eating quality food ensures adequate nutrition while cutting back on calories. If you want to build lean muscle,  offer the best building blocks possible. Lean meats from healthy sources, eggs from local farms and grains that are as unprocessed as possible are great choices.

3) EATING A HEALTHY DIET CAN IMPROVE BODY FUNCTIONS FROM THE INSIDE OUT. Fresh Fruits and vegetables and grains are rich in Fiber. Fiber is “nature’s broom” for the gut. They also have higher water content. Hydration is important for proper digestion, kidney function and elimination. Berries, dark leafy greens, and certain spices are loaded with anti-oxidants which help our bodies on a cellular level. Nuts, legumes, and seeds, and fish  are rich in Essential Fatty acids which keep our blood vessels flexible, joints lubricated, brain healthy, and cognitive function performing at higher levels.

4) EATING A HEALTHY DIET CAN LEAD TO – improved mental clarity, better quality sleep, increased libido, more  energy, pain reduction,  improved appearance of skin, nails, and hair, healthy bones, teeth, and joints,  improved mood, lessened depression, decreased food cravings, and an overall feeling of well being.

5) EATING HEALTHY IS A PAY IT FORWARD ACT for yourself and those around you. When you make a decision to be conscientious about your food choices, other places in your life often follow suit. Those in your immediate circle will notice the changes and be inspired to join you. Many times there is one BREAKOUT superstar who says enough is enough. The struggle is real. But the reward is invaluable.

Don’t wait another day- or search for another reason to make small changes in how you feed your body. Do the right thing and choose HEALTHY!