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of Overland Park
7 Mar 2014

Jessica’s Success Story from Kansas City Social Club

Jessica’s Success Story from Kansas City Social Club:

I joined TAC just over a year ago in December 2012. My older sister had just had her baby shower and looking at myself in the photos afterwards scared me; I almost didn’t recognize myself. My employer at the time just started offering a discount with TAC, and I decided this was my opportunity to turn things around. I started slowly, exercising in the cardio room a couple times a week and using the weight machines once or twice a week, but I wasn’t completely engaged either.
By April I hit my all-time weight high (outside of pregnancy), and it mortified me. I finally fully committed and decided to try different classes until I found one I liked. I stumbled upon Jake’s morning Zumba class and loved it! I’ve been hooked on Zumba ever since.

Why I’ve stay committed:
I lost my Dad in 2008 very suddenly; he had a massive heart attack due to complications from his type 2 diabetes that he didn’t manage well for years. When I was pregnant with my daughter in 2011 I developed gestational diabetes and my doctors warned me if I didn’t get down to a healthy weight after her delivery, I would be at a very high risk of developing type 2 diabetes within the next 3-5 years. I don’t want to go down the same path as my Dad, and I want to be a healthy role model for my daughter. I think that’s what really pushes me to keep going with my weight loss journey. I still indulge my sweet tooth here and there, but I try really hard to make up for it with extra workouts or getting in an extra day of weights.

How I feel:
I’ve lost almost 40 pounds since last April, and I have so much more energy now; it’s wonderful! I definitely have more confidence now too; I don’t avoid being in family photos like I did before. And I finally feel like I’m a positive role model for my daughter which is such a blessing.

What I like about TAC:
I have sort of yo-yo’d up and down with my weight ever since college, but I’ve only ever been able to keep weight off when I’ve stuck with a consistent exercise program. I’ve tried other gyms in the past, but never stayed more than a few months because I don’t think I ever really felt comfortable. There’s something about the atmosphere at TAC that I really like… the staff is very friendly, and the members are good mix of ages and sizes, which appeals to me. I also like that when you are new to a class not only does the instructor help you, but the class regulars are very encouraging too.

Advice for others:
I would say keep trying different classes and different activities until you find one you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, you probably won’t keep with it, and I think that’s key. I tried a good handful of classes before I found Zumba. And even though I instantly liked Zumba, it was still intimidating because I didn’t know the choreography like everyone else, but I just stuck with it, and I’m so glad I did. 🙂