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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
26 Dec 2013

Join a Gym Near Lenexa

There is no better time to join a gym near Lenexa than today! After the holidays many of us have put on a few extra pounds, but you don’t have to let Christmas cookies, pies, and cakes get the best of you!

Thanks to the Athletic Club of Overland Park it has never been easier to get fit and stay there! The Athletic Club offers its members fun easy ways to get back into their fitness routine, and shed those extra holiday pounds.

The pride and joy of the Athletic Club is our wide array of fitness classes. One of our most popular fitness classes is ZUMBA. ZUMBA has been essential in many of our members’ road to their best selves. Fitness is fun and easy with ZUMBA. It combines the joy of dancing with intense cardio, walking into a ZUMBA class you can find members dripping in sweat, but smiling in spite of themselves.

Another popular group fitness class the Athletic Club offers is cycling. Cycling is great because it allows members to set their own pace. The freedom this class offers makes sure that you can cater your workout to your specific needs.

If group fitness isn’t your style then don’t sweat it! The Athletic Club offers a wide array of different options for our members as well. One option is to engage in personal training. The Athletic Club has a team of expert personal trainers who can suit your every workout need. If you crave even more freedom for your workout you can always enjoy our top-notch facilities all by yourself.

When you join a gym near Lenexa (namely, Overland Park Athletic Club), you have access to our state of the art equipment, our athletic courts, and even our indoor track.

Don’t wait! Join the Athletic Club of Overland Park today!