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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
30 Apr 2015

Kansas City Aerobics

Want to get your blood pumping? Try some Kansas City Aerobics!  Aerobic exercise takes place when you do exercise that pumps oxygen-filled blood through the body into the muscles that are working. An excellent place to go for Kansas City Aerobics is The Athletic Club of Overland Park!

We offer many different ways to get in your aerobic exercise. One way is by using our great equipment like our treadmills and ellipticals. We also offer a an indoor track so you can walk or run all year long! One of the best ways to get in your aerobic exercise is by attending one of The Athletic Club’s group fitness classes, specifically one of the aerobics classes!

A Few Aerobics Classes at The Athletic Club:

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  • Muscle Works- total body conditioning, strength training, and toning using a variety of tools.
  • Zumba- an aerobic dance program featuring a variety of rhythms from Latin America!
  • Next Level Fit- this high octane class incorporates weight lifting, kettle bells, plyometrics, sprints, punching bags, nutritional tips, and more!
  • Butts and Guts- a class to work on your butt and abdominal.
  • Arms and Abs- arm work and abdominal work.
  • Ripped Abs- abdominal and back work with a personal trainer in a group exercise setting.
  • Step- combinations of athletic- and/or dance-based aerobic moves utilizing a height adjustable step platform to vary levels of intensity.
  • Kickbox Combo- kickboxing, plyometrics, rope skipping, and a variety of challenging intervals.
Aerobic exercise has many different benefits for your body including building an overall stronger heart. When you do aerobic exercise regularly, it helps your muscles to be more productive at taking in oxygen. If you’re looking for a great place to get many different types of Kansas City Aerobics, look no further! Stop by The Athletic Club of Overland Park today!