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15 Apr 2015

Kansas City Badminton Basics

Interested in Kansas City Badminton?  It is a highly popular sport so we can see why! Here are some basics you will want to know when playing Kansas City Badminton! Thanks to The Guardian for the great information.

Tips about the sport:
  • Work on your body position- Do this so you have the right position for an overhead shot and a lunge, which are commonly done incorrectly.
  • Use more of the court- Move around more to keep your opponent on his/her toes.
  • Wear good shoes- Be sure to wear shoes that are specifically suited to court play.
  • Try a tournament- Playing in a competition can really challenge you as a player. If you can’t find a competition, try playing with someone new to challenge you.
  • Work on your balance- It’s important to be able to maintain good balance during the quick play of the game. Be sure to work on both sides of your body during workouts.[/list]
Benefits of the sport:
  • Builds arm muscle- You may notice stronger muscles in your arms the more you play.
  • Builds leg muscle- Your legs may grow stronger because they do so much work during the game.
  • Improves coordination and reaction times- You may notice you are more coordinated and have quicker reaction times as you become more seasoned in the sport.
  • Helps your heart- You can easily move 3-4 miles in just one singles match! Badminton will help to keep you moving and keep your heart rate up.
  • Improves agility- You are constantly moving and these fast, forceful movements help to increase agility.

Now that you know the basics of Kansas City Badminton you probably want to play a game! If you’re looking for somewhere local, come play a game at the Athletic Club of Overland Park! We offer badminton during weekly league play and host tournaments throughout the year. Call or stop by today for more information!