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kansas city group fitness
9 Jul 2015

Kansas City Group Fitness at TAC!

Kansas City Group Fitness is a great way to take your fitness routine to the next level. Not to mention you will be able to meet new people! The Athletic Club of Overland Park offers over 60 Kansas City Group Fitness classes each week. Check  out some of our featured classes this month!

One extremely popular class is Zumba. Zumba is a type of exercise that combines several types of dance. When you put them all together- watch out! It is fun!

Pilates Barre is a new class that recently started and has been well-received. Pilates Barre combines ballet barre moves with traditional mat Pilates. The combination helps to strengthen, stretch, and lengthen your muscles.

Another class we now offer is PiYo Strength. This hardcore strengthening workout will make you sweat! Your body weight and a mat are all that you need to burn fat and strengthen muscles.

Kickbox Combo is a fast-growing class that combines kickboxing, plyometrics, rope skipping, and a variety of challenging intervals. It uses numerous resources like heavy bags, mitts, and kettle bells, track, stairs, and cycle bikes.

We offer a number of  other Kansas City Group Fitness classes too! They are divided into 4 main categories; aerobics, cycling, aquatics, and mind & body. Aerobics helps to get you moving and get your heart pounding! Cycling is just that: classes devoted to exercise using stationary bikes. Aquatics classes provide a low-impact  workout combining swimming, resistance training, and cardio interval. Mind & Body classes help to increase flexibility and improve your balance.

With so many different classes and formats to choose from, you are sure to never get bored!