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kansas city group fitness
7 Oct 2013

Kansas City Group Fitness Sports Highlight!

Kansas City Group Fitness Sports Highlight:

“Rhythm is Gonna Get you…In better shape!”

The Athletic Club is constantly trying to find ways to make exercise more fun, less mundane, and more effective. This month we focus on adding music to your exercise routine. Music can be a huge motivation while doing cardio, walking, running or lifting weights. Research shows that you can perform 15% better while listening to music. It can add mental relaxation, energy, encouragement, and a pleasant distraction from the effort you are giving to your workout.

Research also shows that music in the moderately fast category ~140 BPM (beats per minute) had the best outcome for increased performance. Music can make your workout more enjoyable. With easy access to Mp3 players, Iphones, and the Athletic Club’s own Cardio Theater- you can begin to add your favorite beats to your routine right away. When you create your workout dream mix, select music that has an upbeat, fast, consistent rhythm. It should be music you enjoy and makes you feel energetic. Exercise is not always enjoyable- music may help. Here are some pros and cons when considering if it is right for you:

• Music stimulates and motivates you to push harder
• Music can help to tune out distractions around you (noise at the gym/kids screaming)
• Music can help to put you in a positive mood and make you feel better about exercising
• Music helps to facilitate better relaxation of your mind and allow for you to feel less strain on your body
• Music can distract you and take away from important parts of your workout. (Form and technique)
• Music can lock you into a certain tempo or pace and throw off your body’s response time
• Music can be dangerous because it can limit your ability to hear what’s going on around you (outdoor biking, walking, running)
• Music can make you push your body beyond what you normally are used to and thus result in injury

The Athletic Club wants you to make exercise a part of your healthy lifestyle. There are many things that can make it more enjoyable- music can be one of them. Give it a try!