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15 Feb 2013

Kansas City Table Tennis – Things You Never Knew!

The more you know, the more you know you don’t know. — Truer words have never been spoken! When it comes to sports as obscure as Table Tennis is in Kansas City, it’s understandable why most of us might not know hardly anything. Well, here are some facts to get your Kansas City Table Tennis knowledge on the up and up. Enjoy!

#1) According to the Kansas City Table Tennis Sports Commission, Table Tennis is the world’s most popular racket sport. Governing Table Tennis associations total more than 300 million active members.

#2) Table Tennis balls are not lifeless and empty – rather, the inside of a Table Tennis ball is pressurized with gas.

#3) Table Tennis was once banned in the Soviet Union because leaders thought the sport caused harm to the eyes of spectators.

#4) “Ping-Pong” is a proprietary, trade-marked named. The official name of the sport is Table Tennis.

#5) It’s not uncommon for a professional Table Tennis player to hit the ball 100 mph or more.

#6) After the 2000 Olympic Games, the size of the Table Tennis ball was increased slightly (4 mm) to slow the game down, allowing easier watching for the spectators.

Kansas City Table Tennis is not as popular as in places on the coasts of America or other countries. Still, there is an ever increasing amount of interested players touring The Athletic Club and other Kansas City Table Tennis organizations.

The Athletic Club offers Table Tennis leagues and tournaments year around, as well as recreational court time. Stop in today and play some Table Tennis!