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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
30 Apr 2013

Kansas City Volleyball Leagues

We know it’s hard to believe, but Spring is just around the corner! Ignore that fresh blanket of snow, and listen to the birds chirping outside. What comes to mind when we think about Spring? Well, Kansas City Volleyball Leagues, of course! Whether it’s beach volleyball, grass volleyball, or good ol’ indoor volleyball, whenever we think about warm weather, green grass, and melting snow, we think about volleyball!

Lucky for all of us at The Athletic Club of Overland Park, we don’t have to wait until warm weather arrives to play our favorite sport. Nope, we’ve got volleyball leagues year around! Every eight weeks, a new league starts, so there’s always something happening here!

And what’s best about volleyball at The Athletic Club? It’s the only Kansas City volleyball league in greater Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri where you can sign up as an individual. That’s right – no more scouring for 5 other players! You can sign up as an individual volleyball player, and our seasoned organizers will pair you with the volleyball team that best suits your play level.

All levels of play are welcome, and again, you can sign up as an individual volleyball player — no need to find team mates: we’ll find them for you!

For more information about Kansas City’s favorite volleyball league, call Laura Bollinger at (913)-669-1858.