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25 Jan 2017

Kickboxing Benefits!

Working kickboxing into your routine can have many great benefits to you and your workout. A few of the many great things kickboxing brings are a cardiovascular workout, hand-eye coordination, footwork, discipline, and a total body workout! I know many people who are getting into boxing, especially kickboxing, as it requires you to use your entire body mentally and physically throughout the workout.

A cardio workout can be tough for some to find the motivation to do at times. Kickboxing is a great form of cardio in which it doesn’t require you to run, walk, bike or any of that. Rather it consists of one using their body to continually push them while they are mentally tired building their cardio in a way that they can push at their own pace to build up. Switching it up can be a great idea and kickboxing will be a great way to do that!

Kickboxing can increase your footwork and hand-eye coordination through a variety of different moves challenging the body to move in ways you normally wouldn’t. Moving your feet into position to strike the bag with a kick or punch and focusing on that exact spot you want to hit can help you in your every day activities to become stronger, build your core strength, increase balance and agility, as well as relieve stress.

Disciplining your body to push through and keep going when you are exhausted and tired can help you to become a stronger individual when you are physically or mentally tired and need to push through a task you need to complete. Take on many of the challenges kickboxing can help you overcome and get some new routines into your workout today. The Athletic Club of Overland Park offers kickboxing as a group fitness class five times a week with a certified instructor, so you will fit right in no matter what skill level you are in a group environment!