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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
27 Jun 2013

Ladies put your hands up! (For Kansas City handball that is…)

Play Kansas City handball like a Girl…
“You play ball like a GIRL” !! Why yes I do- and I’m proud of it! I am a girl. A strong, athletic, fit, competitive girl! I have been put on assignment to build women’s courts sports here at The Athletic Club. I’ve even been given a fancy title “Ambassador of Women’s Court Sports.” I being the “girl” that I am wanted to make sure I knew the sports I was talking about. Volleyball- check, Basketball- Check, Racquetball- Check, hmmm— badminton…table tennis…squash… all are kind of obscure to me but I am ready to give them a try. Handball… no way- I need my hands. I can’t do anything with my left hand much less hit a ball with any strength or accuracy. No woman is going to want to play that sport. But- it is my job and the club is filled with several Handball Hall of Famers so where better to learn.

First lesson was great- a couple of bruises, sweat like crazy, so awkward with my left but pretty good with my right.

Second lesson- even better, my serve was pretty accurate, footwork improved, and hands took less of a beating.

Third lesson- I was amazed at how my brain had picked up left handed swinging and how I found myself wanting to play more and more.

Since then I have found two other female players in the area who have been lying dormant for a while but LOVE the sport. They are staging a come-back to recruit and grow women participation. Together we are using our resources to bring in equipment for new players to use, collaborating efforts with the outdoor facility to provide 3-wall instruction, and setting up matches to make ourselves visible and establish a presence in the nearly 100% male dominated sport.

The beautiful thing about learning a sport is this: for new players- it is an even playing field. We all start at the same place- called the beginning.

When it comes an amazing workout, camaraderie, strategy and a high level of competition Kansas City handball has it all! This sport needs more of just one thing— WOMEN! If you are interested in trying handball or any of the other sports
I mentioned above – let me know. I’d love to introduce you to people who actually want you to play and have fun!

Fourth Lesson- I’ll let you know….I’m pretty sure I have the best job in the world. See you on the court!