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23 Dec 2013

Leawood Cycling Information

Interested in some Leawood cycling information? The search is over. The Athletic Club of Overland Park has all the information you need about finding a great place to cycle near Leawood, KS.

Cycling has some major health benefits and is a great way to stay in shape during these long and cold winter months. Working out in the winter is more important than ever. During these cold months your body is craves simple carbohydrates, making it all to easy for you to pack on the pounds.

So how can you starve off that seemingly inevitable winter cushion? What about an exciting new work out routine!?! Cycling is fun, easy to learn, and has some major health benefits.

Here are just a few reasons why you should start cycling today:

  1. Burn fat!- Cycling is a great cardio workout and therefore helps you burn fat! A slimmer trimmer body is just a few cycling classes away
  2. Build strength and muscle tone- even though cycling appears as though it only works out your leg muscles, cycling actually builds muscle tone all over your body. The posture you employ while cycling forces your entire body to be engaged.
  3. Increase your stamina!- Since cycling is so fun and engaging participants often forget how long they have been riding for, therefore cycling can help you improve all of your exercise routines by helping you keep up a high energy workout routine for longer.
  4. Improve heart health- since cycling is cardio intensive, it is not wonder that it helps improve your heart health! That’s right, you can do your heart a favor by doing something you love.
  5. Reduce Stress- regular exercise prompts the release of endorphins and therefore reduces stress. Therefore regular cycling can make you healthier and happier

Don’t wait! Find out more information about Leawood cycling today!