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7 Mar 2014

March Nutrition Tip from Overland Park Fitness Center

March Nutrition Tip from Overland Park Fitness Center:

Your nutrition acronym for March is a word I really don’t like to use, but I
am going to make an exception because these simple letters will help you
make better choices. The word is DIET.

D – Dairy : skim milk , low fat cottage cheese and low fat or fat free
yogurt (avoid the flavored kinds because they can be loaded with sugars
(both are available at the front desk where members check in at The Athletic
Club). My favorite way to eat yogurt is to add a little honey or some fruit
for sweetness. Dairy free – try almond milk as a healthy alternative.

I – instant oatmeal : Not the sugary kind, just plain. I prefer steel cut
or old-fashioned.

E- eggs are a nutrient power house and full of protein. But, not all eggs
are created equal: opt for cage free or free range chickens that are eating
what a chicken should eat in its natural environment. The Courtside Fresh
Grill & Bar serves boiled eggs, a great post group fitness class snack.

T- Turkey and other lean proteins. Members can call from The Athletic Club
locker rooms and order a salad or sandwich to go.

Please don’t forget about my last nutrition tip “ABS”: A for apples and
almonds, B for black beans, and S for spinach and other leafy greens. Try to
incorporate these foods as your main food choices and don’t forget to eat
small portions every few hours to help you achieve your fitness goals. Stay
tuned for next month’s acronym!