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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
17 Sep 2013

Marsa’s Kansas City Fitness Club Success Story

Marsa’s Kansas City Fitness Club Success Story:

I want it to be a very long time before I have to say: “I am too old to do
any of the things I love!”

Back in March of 2009 I heard about The Athletic Club through the Corporate Wellness Program at my office and was impressed and excited about everything that was offered at very reasonable, low monthly rate.

What excited me most was the fact that Yoga classes were offered at no additional charge! Taking Yoga classes at a private Yoga studio can be very pricey, so it is a great deal to be able to attend as many as ten classes a week or up to forty classes a month at no additional cost! Currently, I attend two Yoga classes a week and I have also taken advantage of the nautilus equipment and hope to start doing laps at the pool.

Another factor in my journey to better health and weight loss was starting to carefully keep track of my food intake using a application on my phone which allows me to record what I eat and how much activity I am able to get in each day. I started this last January and it has helped me to lose fifteen lbs and I intend to get rid of another ten lbs before the end of the year. That’s approximately 2 lbs a month over the course of a year. My advice to others is to keep moving, eat freshly prepared foods, don’t buy anything that says “Low Fat” or “diet”, and drink water, lots of water!

My motivation for wanting to stay physically fit is that I want to continue to be active and able to do the things I have always loved doing: Yoga, bicycling, golf, riding horses or even climbing a ladder to clean out the gutters. I want it to be a very long time before I have to say “I am too old to do anything!”