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Mind & Body Group Fitness Classes


The Athletic Club has a wide array of Mind & Body Group Fitness Classes to choose from!

Stop by and checkout Mix Level Flow, Yoga Basics & more!


Yoga at The Athletic Club of Overland Park is top notch! Check out some of the cool benefits you get from Yoga.

  • Yoga can help you eat better – This is because you learn to eat more mindfully and focus on things like breathing and the food’s purpose.
  • You can do it with you pet – Yes, that’s right. You can do yoga with your dog! Dogs can learn to pose with you or just sit with you for certain poses.
  • Yoga can help your brain – Yoga helps you learn to be mindful and pay attention. This can help your brain to process information better.
  • It can cause a decrease in stress – Yoga can relieve stress because it has a calming effect. This is from the tension and relaxation of your muscles as well as how aware you are of your body’s physical sensations.
  • It can help your heart – Yoga is a great way to help reduce things like your bad cholesterol, stress, and high blood pressure. This will help to reduce your chances of getting heart disease.
  • It is for everyone – People of all fitness levels and body types can start  yoga.
  • It can keep you well –  Yoga can boost your immunity, which will help you fight off sickness.
  • Helps you breathe better – Yoga can teach you how to breathe better using bigger and fewer breaths.
  • Increased flexibility – As you continue to attend classes you will see a gradual shift in your flexibility. Yoga stretches your muscles and connective tissues, which can allow you to have better posture and fewer pains.
  • Increased muscle strength – As you are increasing your flexibility, you also improve muscle strength which can protect you from falls as you get older and prevent conditions such back pain.

Come check out yoga today at The Athletic Club of Overland Park.