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overland park group fitness classes
4 Mar 2016

New Overland Park Group Fitness Class!

The Athletic Club has added a new Overland Park group fitness class to our schedule! Join us Mondays from 5:45 AM – 6:45 AM for Cycle with new instructor Kevin!

Cycle is a great workout! In our cycle classes you will utilize various drills to keep your body guessing and burning calories long after tho workout is over. Check out some great things about Cycle classes!

  • They give you energy- Spin classes are often upbeat and really get you pumped during class!
  • Burn extra calories- Doing intervals light and heavy resistance helps to increase the number of calories you burn.
  • Get pumped up- Listening to the upbeat music will help you to keep a good pace.
  • Work more than legs- Different types of cycle class can help you to get a full-body workout!
  • You get used to it- Not riding a bike for a long time can make you sore after your first cycle class, but you will get used to it!
  • Get a great leg workout- Cycle will help tone your legs!
  • You get to interact with others- You get to engage with your instructor and feed off of the energy of those around you.
  • You won’t leave disappointed- Cycle will leave you feeling tired, but happy and ready to take on whatever comes next!

These are just a few of the benefits of Cycle! Check out our some of our other Overland Park group fitness classes as well! We have 60+ classes each week and they are all completely free for members! You can’t beat that.

Thanks to Huffpost for the great information.