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7 Feb 2017

Over-training Your Muscles with Weight Lifting?

Do you do the same weight lifting routines everyday? Do you often wonder if you have been over-training your muscles? When lifting weights you should generally give yourself a day of rest in between each time you lift that area of the body. Your muscles will heal up and you will feel much stronger the next time that you exercise. This also will not make you feel as sore if you space out your lifting and you will have time to do the things that you want to do.

Mixing in cardio with your weight lifting throughout the week is a great way to pick up another workout exercise on the days you aren’t lifting weights and gives you the time to also do some things such as yoga or kickboxing. Doing things such as yoga and cardio are great for your body and will help you feel better in your everyday activities, as well as relieve stress. Cardiovascular exercises are something that can be done everyday as it does not require the recovery time that lifting weights does. Core work and body weight moves can be done everyday, just not on the exact same muscle each day if that muscle is sore try to do some movements that hit another day.

Weight lifting is a key element to keeping your body strong. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to lift heavy weight or even make yourself very sore, but it will help your muscles break down and then heal up stronger each time when given the proper rest time. Lifting weights at least twice a week with a full body exercise will be very beneficial to someone starting into weights. Hit the weights twice a week and give it a month before you ask yourself if you are starting to feel stronger then switch it up and give your body a shock!

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