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27 Apr 2014

Overland Park Group Fitness – Motivation at its Finest

Overland Park Group Fitness – Motivation at its Finest

In the heart of Overland Park group fitness exercise is all the rage! One of the best programs in the city is at The Athletic Club.  Not only do you get the advantage of variety of classes, you can take advantage of the motivation effects of exercising with a group.

Advantages of Group Fitness:

Varied types of exercise:  muscle toning, dancing, stretching, yoga, cardio/aerobic, cycling, kickboxing, and water workouts.  Performing exercise of various types is really good for your body.

Muscle toning is good for bone health and preventing muscle strains and increases metabolism

Stretching is good overall as it keeps tight muscle from inhibiting movement

Yoga will benefit your mind and body as you quietly perform non-aerobic moves that stretch and strengthen

Cardio/Aerobics strengthens your heart muscle.  Step is an old time favorite and Zumba is the latest craze.

Cycling in a studio is a heart strengthener and the time will fly when you listen to good music and regularly vary cycle modes

Kickboxing – de-stress and aerobicize while you punch and kick a bag.  Roll with the punches!

Water Aerobics is a great non-impact way to get your heart and muscles working while the water makes it seem effortless

Motivation in Group Fitness:

People have found when they attend classes regularly, a camaraderie forms and pressure is instilled in us to not miss class.  Nothing like positive reinforcement from our peers.

Many people find group fitness more enjoyable than traditional workouts.  Classes occur at the same time each week and the time passes quickly.  Instructors work hard at providing motivating music for you to enjoy while exercising.

At the Athletic Club of Overland Park group fitness is included in your membership.  Imagine having over 60 group fitness classes a week to pick from at no extra charge!  To find out about one of Kansas City’s best group fitness programs you can call our service desk at 913-383-9060 and ask for Laura for more information about The Athletic Club of Overland Park group fitness.  The class schedule is posted on the website at