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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
27 Apr 2014

Overland Park Personal Training Program

In the heart of Overland Park, personal training is offered like an exercise buffet:  You can choose the type of exercise that’s best for your body, your goals, your fitness level, your spending level, your schedule, and your interests.

Where in Overland Park can you choose from so many different ways to exercise than at The Athletic Club?  The club has been offering varied and evolving forms of exercise since 1984 in the heart of Overland Park–Metcalf and I-435.  And today, Overland Park personal trainingis available to assist you in exercise in any way that fits you best.


Are you getting married soon?  You and your partner can train simultaneously (or separately) with Rachael and Anthony from Compound Fitness.  Be the best you can be on your big day.


Are your bones and muscles telling you to be careful when you exercise and take advantages of adjustments offered to minimize agitation?  Try training without pain with Trevor.  He excels at demonstrating exactly the right way to perform exercises.


Want PT on the QT?  Try Trish’s 10-10-10 series of group training sessions.  Quick, personal training in small groups for people in a hurry or those needing to pinch those pennies.  Several group sessions to choose from each week.   30 minutes, $10 per session, 10 sessions, 10 weeks—All with Trish.


Do you need to train on the weekends or do you want to do kickboxing?  Try Aaron.  He can also help you with nutrition!


Maybe you need general fitness exposure and motivation.  Try Anthony (Mac).  He’s up for helping you try any type of exercise.


Crossfit-style training is still very popular.  Jacory is your trainer.  Choose him and get some good weight loss tips too!


The Athletic Club of Overland Park Personal Training Program has enough varied talent among its trainers to offer you exactly the type of exercise you desire.  Get with the Program!


There are several ways to get started.  Call the Fitness Manager Trish Scott at 913-201-6454 or email her at [email protected]. You can also contact her or Laura Bollinger at the club, 913-383-9060. They can both help you get matched with the trainer that’s just right for you!


If you’d like to contact your preferred trainer directly, contact the club’s service desk for the trainer’s contact information.