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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
15 Mar 2015

Overland Park Personal Training

Featured in today’s blog is our Overland Park Personal Training! The Athletic Club features an excellent personal training program. Often, personal training can be more effective than solely working out alone. Our Overland Park Personal Training staff are Nationally Certified Trainers and Sports Specialists.

Athletic Club members can easily get connected with a personal trainer based upon their needs. You can start by contacting us today to schedule an initial fitness assessment and a health-history evaluation. This is a time where a trainer can get to know a little about you and determine the best course of action for your fitness journey. Then, one of our Overland Park Personal Training staff will walk you through a workout session, followed by a follow-up consultation.

We offer several different training styles to align with your preferences. The first style is a one-on-one style where you will get individual attention and work with a trainer independently. The next style is partner training where two clients work together with one trainer. This style can be very effective, as it allows the two clients to push each other to reach their goals. It can also make first time training less intimidating by having another person to workout with. Another style we offer is semi-private training with a group of 4-6 people and one trainer. This style gives you a team feel as well as great social interaction. The final style we offer is boot camp training with a group of 6-10 people and one trainer. This style allows you to gain inspiration from others in the group and push yourself harder than you may individually.

Not only can you choose the style of training you prefer, you can also customize your workouts to your needs and preferences! Choose from several different types of workouts including weight-loss specific, teen, performance, boot camp, do someone a favor, older adults, and pre/post-natal. With so much to offer, we hope you will consider our Overland Park Personal Training program!